I feel so bad for theCultFigure. One of his favorite bands comes to town, on his freaking birthday, and he’s abroad at a conference. Then, to top it off, they play a show on the same day for KEXP subscribers at the Triple Door. I attended that one on his behalf and I regret to report it was pretty great. Sorry sweetie!

Perhaps because it was a 1pm show, they opted to play a lot of slower, quieter tracks and it suited the mood of the club very well. In general I don’t like going to shows at venues where you have to sit, but it often seems to work for the afternoon Triple Door concerts. They closed their hour-long set with the first two tracks of their latest album, which were faster-paced than most of the rest of the material they chose. In particular I think “Unless It’s Kicks” was very raw and sounded fantastic.

For the next 2 weeks, the broadcast should be in the station streaming archives – it aired at 4pm on 9/17/08. Setlist after the jump for those who care.

This is a screenshot of the online playlist, so it’s in reverse chronological order.