After enjoying a Head Like a Kite, however briefly, at Bumbershoot, my friend and I decided to see them at my new favorite venue last night, which I have for no apparent reason renamed NecTar (emphasis on the second syllable). Sadly theCultFigure was too pooped out to come with.

First up was Copy [myspace], a pop/electronica musician from Portland. We really dug his sound. Seemed Depeche Mode-inspired in the sense of sounding happy and dark at the same time. I kind of wish I’d have picked up a CD, in retrospect.

Head Like a Kite [myspace] was up next and they were awesome. Their brand of electronica feels also wonderfully Seattle-indie. It was the kind of night that makes me happy we live in Seattle and can just go out on a Wednesday night and hear some great local music. We introduced ourselves to Dave while he was setting up the HLAK merch area and requested their cover of “Ohio” which they accommodated – yay! The whole set was energetic, so amazing and too short. Being loud in a club with all the colorful lighting really felt right. More please.