ACTI almost don’t know what to say about this play, maybe because we only saw a fraction of it. The premise of the action is that small decisions can lead to dramatically different outcomes. So, on any given night, a small decision goes one way or another, and that determines how relationships evolve and what scenes the audience sees. I love “what if” explorations, so the concept is appealing.

The version we saw was cute and farcical, we laughed and enjoyed it. But I feel like it was sort of an empty experience – like I’d need to attend a minimum of two shows to begin to actually appreciate the work, which on its own was just an OK story. And our version’s final scene seemed to come from nowhere, not obviously following from the preceding action although at some level I think that was the point. Intimate Exchanges was not a deep meditation on interesting themes for me, so what sustains after seeing one version?

The other puzzling part of the experience was the choice to have 2 actors playing the 6 roles. From an academic standpoint I get why that would be challenging and a useful exercise for the actors, but from an audience standpoint I don’t know what we gain from it that isn’t gimmicky.

So yeah. I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure if I liked it. Huh.