The weekly kitchen update is a few days late due to bumberblogging, but I do have a few new things to report on.

After the first mint chocolate chip ice cream debacle (scrambled custard – ick) I gave it another go, and was much more obsessed when it came to monitoring critical transition points in the process. This time it worked out well. The ice cream was surprisingly not as minty as I would have expected. I think I could have maybe heated the milk/cream/mint even longer than I did, to extract more mint flavor. And — hard as it is to type these words — I think the recipe called for too much chocolate. The ratio of ice cream to shaved chocolate just was wrong. But, definitely would make it again despite the hassle of making the custard.

I also made two more dishes from the America’s Test Kitchen magazine I mentioned previously.

The first, lemony chicken with potatoes and artichokes called for a thawed box of frozen artichoke hearts. Overall the dish was pretty good, except for the artichoke hearts. They were blah and didn’t seem to pick up any of the lemon-garlic flavors the way the potatoes did (yum). I also think the chicken was calling out for a pan sauce but that wasn’t in the plan.

Finally, I made a spicy skillet pasta with chorizo. This is a dish from the one-pot school of thought and it was really good. First sauteed chorizo sausage and onion. Then in the same skillet added chicken stock, pasta, cream (Ii subbed half-n-half), fire-roasted diced tomatoes… After the pasta was tender, topped it with pepper jack cheese and tossed it under the broiler for a few mins. Delicious. Another quick and easy winner.