This month, Seattle Center and KEXP put together some free concerts on the Mural Amphitheater lawn; on Saturday we saw Carter Tanton of the band Tulsa (who we didn’t know prior), and Pela (we already know we like them – and theCultFigure knew he liked them live thanks to Sasquatch).

I liked Carter Tanton enough to buy the Tulsa CD. His set was a solo acoustic deal, singer-singwriter, beautiful voice, kind of romantic and poetic stuff. The CD has more musicians on it; it’s good but I think I preferred the solo acoustic interpretations.

How pretty is the Mural stage in the afternoon sun, huh?!

Pela is more of a rockin’ band, and it didn’t take long for a crowd to form in front of the stage and for the wonderfully dorky Seattle dancing to begin:

Their set was generally very good, with good energy. The energy kind of died briefly mid-set when they decided to play some kind of slow, wailing number with little or no accompaniment. Let’s just say it did not showcase his voice to its best advantage.

But overall the show was excellent and they closed their encore with a song that I MUST HAVE and I’m having trouble figuring out what it is. There was a lyric like “got a drunk for a mother, got a sinner for a brother” and something about “my father’s dead, there’s a cathedral in my head.” It doesn’t seem to be on their album, and I think most bands wouldn’t close a show with a new song. My guess is it’s a cover. Anyone?

There was this cute family sitting near us, and we enjoyed watching the kids dancing with mom. The boys saw us watching them, and they spent the last few songs showing off and making us laugh by horsing around, miming punches at each other, and tackling each other’s legs. Awww.