On Saturday we met up at the KEXP summer BBQ with thatmathchick and her husband. As always, we had a great time — my default position is to just get tickets no matter who is playing and how well we know them because chances are good that most of the bands will be excellent. And they were. Details and photos after the jump.

Dexter Street Stompers. First up was a sort of novelty act; the newly-formed “house jug band” for The Roadhouse program on the station. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly into jug bands, but they were cute, looked and sounded the part, etc. For fun, they covered one of The Saturday Knights’ songs, who were up next.

The Saturday Knights. Possibly the nicest surprise of the day. They were just a nice big ol’ party of 8 musicians and singers up on stage, with great energy and songs that were a fun blend of hip-hop and indie rock. They seemed so… so… wonderfully Seattle, especially when they invited the jug band to join them for the song they’d covered earlier. I’ve already added them to our eMusic queue. Photo below doesn’t really capture the party.

Common Market. The popular local hip-hop duo took the stage while a fairly steady downpour soaked the crowd. Yes, unfortunately the forecast of rain and mid-60 degrees held true. They gave us lots of appreciation for toughing it out, and played a very strong set with lots of new material. Oddly, they often just performed part of the songs, which seemed weird but I didn’t mind. And now I want to see them again at their upcoming CD release party next month.

Helio Sequence. The rain had stopped by the time they were on, and we were trying to dry out. I was the only one of the four of us with no proper raingear. This trippy duo was as good as I expected. Last month Webbie and I listened to several clips on iTunes, several of which I realized I was familiar with from the radio. Really good stuff. They’re on Sub Pop records, which isn’t on eMusic, so I’m going to visit a real live record store to pick up their latest CD :-)

Joseph Arthur. The sun was getting low in the sky; it was around 8PM I think when they were warming up. A beautiful rainbow appeared behind us! Even a double rainbow, briefly – look closely at the second picture!

But it was getting breezy and we were all pretty cold from being soaked earlier. Me in particular, because I was in just a sweatshirt and skirt. My right thumb was actually still stiff and numb. Joseph Arthur was ok, but not my favorite style of music. We decided to leave after a few songs, missing The Dandy Warhols. Even with missing the last 1 1/2 acts, we had a fantastic time. Assuming we aren’t out of town, I’m sure we’ll attend next year’s BBQ too.