The Thunderbirds just released their tentative season schedule. A while back I was encouraged to learn that their new arena in Kent wouldn’t be ready until January, so we’d get a few months of home games at Key Arena before their move.

Unfortunately, they’re optimizing the first half of their season for road games, playing 26 of their first 34 games away :-( The only autumn home dates appear to be:

  • Saturday, October 4 vs. Spokane
  • Saturday, October 18 vs. Kelowna — I might be out of town for fantasy hockey draft… now I’m REALLY hoping we host it in Seattle this year!
  • Saturday, October 25 vs. Everett — I might be out of town for a family event
  • Tuesday, November 4 vs. Edmonton
  • Friday, November 7 vs. Red Deer
  • Saturday, November 22 vs. Portland
  • Friday, November 28 vs. Kootenay — I’ll probably be out of town for Thanksgiving on the east coast
  • Sunday, December 7 vs. Calgary

They also booked Key Arena for games on December 27, 29 and 30, but are optimistic that they’ll be in Kent for those. Waaah. I’m losing my Thunderbirds.