August 2008

One of the many reasons I love Seattle is how we’ve raised don’t-give-a-crap to a sartorial art form.

This outfit is fifteen kinds of awesome, including the fact that his shirt says “all my black shirts were dirty”. LOVE.


I’m not usually into countryish crooning but I like Star Anna. Probably helps that the first time I saw her she was covering Liz Phair and it was awesome.

End of Day 1…

We were pretty close to the front for this set. I think I like Nada Surf more than I realize. A lot of their stuff blends together for me, but there are a lot of standout songs too.

that was the tightest noise fest EVER.

Fun seeing them filling a different niche. Even when being family-friendly they are still juuuuust a bit raunchy.

Highlights included:
“Mommy Says No”
“The Booger Song” and
“You Only Love Me For My Lunchbox” (!!!!)

Christina playing the saw:

Wow. Just caught this theater/dance/circus show that’s performed on tall flexible poles. Gorgeous and delightful. Picture doesn’t do justice.

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