For a few years I feel like I’ve been hearing that ground buffalo is a healthier alternative to ground beef but had never gotten around to trying it. I finally picked some up and we made burgers out of it – and liked them. They were tenderer than traditional hamburgers, and a little milder I think. Different. Pretty good stuff.

My ongoing fruit soup investigations turned up a recipe for chilled minted honeydew-cucumber soup. I didn’t have a honeydew but I did have a Temptation melon on hand so I subbed that. I made it with the proportions in the recipe and it tasted too cucumber-y so I added more melon. I probably could have added even more and it would have been better. The color was a bit of a problem, though, because the Temptation melon flesh is cantaloupe-colored instead of pale green like honeydew, so the final product looked a little muddy instead of cool green. But, yummy and interesting!

Unlike the recent strawberry soup, it wasn’t so overtly sweet as to be dessert-esque. I did try putting the strawberry stuff over vanilla ice cream and liked it very much that way. However, theCultFigure preferred it as a soup. So, the verdict is mixed.

For fun, I used my new iPhone camera to take before-and-after pix of the soup. They’re posted after the jump.

Melon, cucumber, mint leaves, 8 oz plain yogurt, and lime juice… gotta love a recipe with only 5 ingredients and minimal prep. I suppose I could have just chopped the melon, but for some reason I enjoy using the melon baller. It’s my favorite single-purpose tool in the kitchen.


Melon-cucumber soup: