While I don’t blog often about really personal stuff, most of you know that I quit my full-time job in January, and that I took a short-term, part-time contract job in late April. It just wrapped up, and I’m pleased to report that I am really proud of the work I did. Returning, temporarily, to the ranks of the economically productive was just dandy.

And I’m intrigued by the experience of being a contract worker assigned to a project in a small private company, as opposed to all my previous experience of being a full-time employee in a big public company. I don’t know whether this’ll hold true forever, or if it was specific to these circumstances, but I really felt like my rewards and success were commensurate with my effort. Being efficient was easy and enjoyable, as my day wasn’t clogged with meetings and answering a billion emails. I had ONE area of responsibility instead of several that must constantly be juggled and traded off against one another.

So my plans for now are to stick with contracting for a while, if possible.

Ok, I’ll now return this blog to its regularly scheduled hodge-podge of cooking updates, hockey updates, book reviews, concert reviews, miscellaneous observations about other pop culture stuff, feminist gripes, internet adoration, the occasional yoga pose, random crap, and, uh, whatever else it is that I write about. There’s not much of a theme to theCultFigurine, is there. Oh, and as you probably noticed, I recently renamed the blog to just theCultFigurine.