I’m still teetering on the brink of the iPhone 3G plunge. This, which I learned in the Mossberg review, annoys me greatly:

Apple’s exclusive carrier in the U.S., AT&T Inc., has effectively negated the iPhone’s up-front price cut by jacking up its monthly fee for unlimited data use by $10. Over the course of the two-year contract you must sign to get the lower hardware prices, that adds $240, overwhelming the $200 savings on the phone itself. If you want text messaging, the cost rises further. With the first iPhone, 200 text messages a month came free. Now, 200 messages will cost $5 a month, or another $120 over the two-year contract.

I knew about the $10 increase on the data plan. I hadn’t heard that the first 200 text messages weren’t free anymore. Ugh.