This isn’t something I cooked, but last week in Pike Place Market, I came across something called a “temptation melon” –  a honeydew-cantaloupe hybrid. It was delicious – it basically tasted like a very ripe and sweet cantaloupe.

Meanwhile, this weekend I started replenishing our stash of Polish peasant food – golubki and sauerkraut pierogi. I didn’t tweak anything about the golubki from last time, but tried a tiny modification for the pierogi.

On a whim, I replaced 20% of the white flour with amaranth flour, which is a high-protein gluten-free flour. I figured it would make the dough moderately more healthy, but wasn’t sure how it would affect the flavor and texture. Well, getting rid of some of the gluten seemed to make the dough handle better – it rolled out better and was a little less springy than usual, and it seemed even easier to cut into rounds. And 2 teaspoons of filling fit in each one! Yes! We ate some tonight, and detected nothing amiss in the flavor, so this is another tweak that’s going to become permanent.

Pix of delicious pierogi after the cut…