Monday on the mainstage didn’t do as much for me overall as Sunday’s lineup did; it was more of a mixed bag. I did some quality reading on the lawn that day…

I feel like we arrived during Matt Costa but I can’t remember a dang thing about him. As for the rest: The Hives (meh, everything they did sounded the same to me), Built to Spill (good, but I don’t know their stuff all that well), Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexican acoustic guitar duo, a nice change of pace), Flight of the Conchords (adorkable as all hell, but occasionally got drowned out by Kinski on the adjacent stage which sucked), The Mars Volta (ugh, not for me and they seemed like a-holes to boot), and The Flaming Lips UFO Show (wow!!). Flaming Lips details after the cut.

This was one of the most insanely awesome things EVER. The show began with a giant, uh, UFO looking thing descending from above the stage. Soon, some people seemed to emerge from beneath it. A group of people dressed up as rabbits, or possibly Teletubbies, started jumping around on the stage. A big bubble appeared on top of the UFO – with the lead singer INSIDE. He and the bubble rolled down the front of the UFO and into the crowd (photo ripped from the Sasquatch 2008 photo gallery):


It’s hard to explain. Thankfully there is also YouTube video of this, e.g. [~7 mins] or [~1 min]. Generally, YouTube comments are a cesspool of immaturity, sexism, racism, and poor grammar, but for these videos the comments just seem to be a bunch of people still stunned by how much they liked this show.

Ok, so the entrance beat everything hands down. The actual show itself was also great. There were wonderful sing-alongs (especially the “Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” and “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”), impassioned semi-political yet not annoying ravings, nudity, and about 1000 tons of pure JOY.