My husband’s brother and his fiance came with us for the 2008 Sasquatch Festival over Memorial Day – we went Sunday and Monday and basically set up at the mainstage all day each day.


The festival is getting more popular – this year we arrived (what should have been) plenty early in the afternoon, but had to sit way up on the lawn. Other changes – they swapped the locations of the 2nd and 3rd stages, which would have been fine, except they also changed how the nearer stage was pointed and we got a lot more sound leaking over from the 3rd stage to the mainstage. That was disappointing.

On Sunday we saw: Blue Scholars (more please!), Tegan and Sarah (adorable but hard to engage with from that distance), Cold War Kids (better than I expected), Presidents of the United States of America (fun, I want their album now), Michael Franti & Spearhead (smooth, emotionally satisfying), Death Cab for Cutie (the usual), and The Cure (OMG). Details of The Cure after the jump.

Robert Smith sounded fantastic – no hint that he’s damaged his voice with hard living over the years (unlike other acts with long careers). However, given that The Cure’s vibe is misery and goth blah blah, they weren’t exactly lively and interactive with the audience. The arrangements hewed closely to studio versions, nothing too creative, but sounding basically tight. They played a lot of – disproportionately many -songs from Disintegration, which surprised me. I was delighted to hear “Inbetween Days” and of course “Just Like Heaven”. Even people who hate The Cure love that song.

It was chilly and quite windy on that hill at night, and we huddled beneath a couple of fleece blankets trying to stay warm. Eventually we couldn’t take it and left early. Bad move: for the second encore, they played FIVE songs from Boys Don’t Cry. When we found the setlist online after the weekend was over, we were PISSED at ourselves. And a little taken aback by that accompanying photo of Robert Smith.

I’m really glad we had the opportunity to see The Cure – and I doubt I would have bothered if it was a big arena show. I have no idea if they’d play 31 songs and for nearly 3 hours if we went and saw them in a club or arena, but now I’d have to consider it.