Looks like I have time to write up a book review before going out of town again.

My bookclubbers were pretty excited to read this acclaimed first novel. The book was slow for me, and while some of the writing was gorgeous, the dialogue didn’t always ring true; it read like a work-in-progress rather than a finished novel sometimes. I’m glad I had the bookclub to discuss it with, because I got a lot out of the conversation, and felt more impressed with the book than I had been. Hopefully I can remember some of it…

One of the interesting sidelines we discussed was the difference between the bookcovers that we had (images ripped off from Amazon):


My edition is the one on the left. I must be pretty obtuse, because it took me until bookclub night to realize that the image is of a broken windowpane. Authors don’t typically have a lot to do with cover art, that’s the marketing department, but it’s interesting the way both covers try to illustrate themes of vandalism and urban decay in quite different ways.

Something I missed or didn’t think much about while reading the novel was to get deeper into the Dante’s Inferno allusion. The title is a line from The Inferno, and the main character, Sepha, lives and works on Logan Circle [get it?] in Washington D.C.

Bottom line: somewhat recommended, especially if you can read it with people smarter than me :-)

Next up: The bookclub is reading some short stories this month but I’m not even sure what they are or if I’m in town when they meet next.