Hi everyone, just a quick update… theCultFigure and I are back from the cruise to Alaska and are leaving town again on Thursday. The madness is almost over :-)

Of course I cooked nothing on the cruise, so this Monday kitchen update is more of a stomach update. Most nights there were chilled fruit soups on the menu for the second course and that’s a category of soups that I’ve never eaten or made, so I think I tried one almost every time it was available. I am blanking on what they all were but I do remember blueberry soup and mixed berry soup. Basically they were like a bowl of very thin melted milkshake or ice cream – totally delicious – seeming more like a dessert course than a second course but I didn’t mind that.

I think they’d be even more refreshing and appropriate in summer, which makes sense because that’s generally when berries are in season, so maybe I’ll try my hand at a fruit soup later this year. The only obstacle to that is my own prejudice against doing violence (i.e. applying heat) to fresh fruit – I almost always eat fruit, particularly berries, raw.