Earlier this month, theCultFigure and I vacationed a long weekend on the OR coast, and overheard some folks talking about the upcoming Democratic primary. I’ll paraphrase one person’s remark; I’ve heard untold variations on it:

I mean, if Hillary wins, then there will have been a Bush or a Clinton in the White House my whole life!

Followed by some blather about how “wrong” that would be, etc.

Do the people who repeat this meme expect me to believe that IF ONLY Al Gore (or hell, John McCain) had been president for the past 8 years, they’d have a Hillary bumper sticker on their car? That her policies, qualifications, and whatnot would suddenly become preferred to all others’ depending on who is CURRENTLY the president?

There are all kinds of reasons to prefer either Obama or Clinton. This takes the cake as possibly the most inane.