A corporate neologism: worker “reclassification“. This article mentions a few other companies by name and focuses on IBM, which recently announced changes to some employees’ job status. Some jobs are changing from being salaried to being paid an hourly wage, and taking a 15% pay cut. Some of those positions aren’t even eligible for overtime, so they can’t work extra hours to maintain their current income. Naturally, people aren’t too delighted with any of these suck-tastic changes:

IBM workers upset over their new hourly status and the pay cut that comes with it have been circulating an online petition since February. They want their pay to be restored. They’ve also filed a class-action suit demanding overtime.

I am excited that IBM employees are organizing and trying to prevent these changes. Because who’d want to be paid 85 cents for a job they know has otherwise been compensated at $1?

Oh wait, that reminds me (bold is mine).

women [in the United States] earn 77 cents on the dollar for the same work as men…