Damn, I love Cloud Cult. We got to Neumo’s just in time for their early set – within the last few days we learned that the schedule had changed: there’d be two shows with the house opening at 11 for the second one. So Cloud Cult took the stage the first time around 9:15 and played an amazing set. We were sorely tempted to try to sneak back into the second set, and if it hadn’t been so hot in the club and it hadn’t stunk so badly of sweaty hipsters, we might have done so.

Pretty much with Cloud Cult I think every song is a standout, but last night I particularly enjoyed “Pretty Voice”. They played a good selection of songs from previous albums (mainly from Meaning of 8 and Happy Hippo) and from the new album. I’ve only listened to the new album once yet so I’m still getting familiar with those songs. Several people clamored for “Transistor Radio” [cute fan video] but to no avail. However, Craig thanked them sincerely for the suggestion :-)

I think this is the 4th time we’ve seen them, if I’m not mistaken, and clearly their following in Seattle is huge. The adoring crowd was very enthusiastic. When we first saw them 2 years ago, they were almost kind of shy on stage – I think they’re more confident and Craig had some easygoing stage banter with the crowd. As usual, Scott and Connie painted during the set, and occasionally joined in the music making.

Miscellany: Shawn the bass player looked oddly like Will Farrell in the “More Cowbell” skit, and with his new little goatee, Craig looked oddly like David Arquette.