It’s not often that we go to an actual first-run movie, but theCultFigure had two tickets to Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones concert film, Shine a Light, at the IMAX. I’ve never been much into the Rolling Stones, more due to neglect than hostility. After seeing them rocking out, a million feet tall on the IMAX screen, yeah. I get it now. I have an appreciation for them that I didn’t have before. So the movie succeeded on that count for sure!

One of the things I enjoyed most was revealed through some of the old interview footage that breaks up the otherwise long stretches of performance. Over and over, interviewers posed variations of the same question: whether they could envision being together, playing music, being the Rolling Stones “years from now” or “when you’re 60”, etc. I’m guessing this footage was included for the obvious cheap laugh. But more interestingly to me, it revealed a contemporary prejudice about rock music. Of course at the time, I guess no one had yet made a lifelong career out of rock and roll. But it’s not like humans hadn’t been making music forever.

And anyway, what are they supposed to say, “no, I’m just passing the time until I get hired to be a drugstore cashier” or “I doubt we’re creative enough to last for more than a couple of years”? But answering in the affirmative is guaranteed to elicit pretend-amazement from the interviewer. What a dumb ritual.