May 2008

FYI my blog updates will likely be light or non-existent for the next few weeks, because of various family travel-related stuff. I might post a bit next week, but after that probably nothing until mid-June unless I miraculously get a bunch of stuff queued up somehow. A bientot!



Never really been a fan of this backbend. We don’t do it often and I sure don’t do it on my own for fun, so I haven’t had much opportunity to change my relationship with Camel.

ACTAfter two plays with abstract sets and supertitles for Uzbek and Russian dialogue, ACT served up a more traditional play about, well, fathers and sons. Set in a nice apartment in NYC but on kind of a dull set, a father (Leon) tries to bridge his estrangement from his son (Marcus), whose own toddler son (Stephen) has disappeared. Meanwhile the trumpet-playing ghost of the elder man’s father (Benard) haunts him.

The storytelling, as you might imagine, is intentionally disjointed and moves around through time and reality as Leon/Benard and Marcus/Leon variously confront one another about their failings as fathers and husbands, and Marcus has several flashbacks to interactions with his wife Yvette.

I see that critical response has been mixed, but we enjoyed it. The material is obviously kind of downer, but by the end I felt like it was the most hopeful downer I’d seen in a while. And we loved the convincing performance of the actor playing Leon. Leon appeared to be using all his concentration to avoid flying to pieces, and his shoulders had crept up to ear-level in a permanently defensive posture.

Nothing new to report this week either. I made one of our favorite chicken dishes, and then theCultFigure went out of town for several days which sometimes de-motivates me to cook much of anything, and I had some evenings that took me out of the house around dinnertime, etc.

In fact it’s not looking good for the next several weeks either, as we have officially entered the mad rush leading up to an Alaskan cruise May 31-June 7. We have all kinds of family stuff off and on through June 18th that may make it hard to plan new things. I’ll still try though. I’m eyeing Dale’s winning healthy box lunch recipe from last week’s Top Chef.

It’s not bad enough that I found out that not so long ago, I dressed like Larry Brown in the 70’s. Now it seems the fictional Liz Lemon of 30 Rock wore a similar sweater as a D&D dungeon master nerd in college. Hers has a turtleneck. My husband’s comment?

maybe now you believe me about that sweater.

Screencap evidence of fashion crimes below the fold.


Several short movies by my long-time girl-crush, Isabella Rossellini, about the reproductive habits of bugs.

Extremely worth your time. Though not completely safe for work.

For a long book, I have relatively little to say about it. I might be the last person in America to read it. I mostly enjoyed it, especially the colorful family history that led to the birth of Cal, the narrator. Cal’s present-day story was surprisingly less engaging than just about everything else in the story. And I felt ever so slightly strange about reading an “Oprah” book.

Bottom line: recommended

What’s next: not sure. Despite having a shelf full of reading list, I managed to buy another one to add to the pile: The Long Exile: A Tale of Inuit Betrayal and Survival in the High Arctic. So maybe that, or maybe I need to try to cram Good Calories, Bad Calories before I see my brother-in-law (who gave it to me) and father-in-law (who became briefly obsessed with it) later this month.

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