We have a weakness for Will Ferrell in our household (theCultFigure in particular). He’s such a national treasure. This was a cute movie that allowed him to play a straight man, which I really enjoyed. On a shallow note, with a conservative haircut and wearing suits, he was oddly handsome, which is not how I usually think of him. 

But the real star of the movie, for me, was Emma Thompson. Her jittery, twitchy, chain-smoking writers-blocked novelist was seriously delightful. I was excited to see Queen Latifah in her role as Thompson’s assistant, but her character never really went anywhere and didn’t seem necessary, which was a bummer.

The story brushed up against themes of free will and fate and stuff, but without being heavy or making A Statement. That was just fine with me. What’s a bit tiresome is the hoary cliche of a female free spirit (in this case, Maggie Gyllenhaal) who encourages an uptight professional guy to see that there’s more to life than blah blah blah zzzzzz.

All in all, a pretty OK movie.