tbirds Yeah!! The Thunderbirds didn’t close the deal in game 6 in Kelowna – losing in overtime. But they delivered in game 7. Second round starts in Tri-City this weekend, with games 3 and 4 at the Key next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Gotta give the boys tons of credit. They fought off a LOT of penalties during the game, including a 5-on-3 for nearly two minutes, and nearly six consecutive minutes of 5-on-4. The crowd was really into the penalty killing, cheering like mad whenever the T-birds cleared the puck.

Kelowna cut the lead to one goal late in the 3rd period, and pulled their goalie for an extra attacker. Still the T-birds did a great job, winning battles, and Greg Scott put away an empty net goal to raise the score to 4-2, which is how the game ended.

No doubt Tri-City will be an even more formidable opponent – they were the top team in the league this season. In fact, the top three teams in the Western conference (Tri-City, Vancouver, Spokane) were the top three teams in the league, so… yikes.