tbirds WOOO! The T-birds, after going down 2 games to none, have won 3 straight. Game 5 on Thursday night was an exciting game in which they did just about everything right. On one of Kelowna’s power plays, Jan Eberle was a one-man penalty kill, seeming to defend against three guys at once, in their own end! It was just that kind of night.

Let’s hope they win Saturday in Kelowna and close this thing out! GO T-BIRDS!

They went down 1-0 on the first shift, but quickly took control of the game and scored three times in the first period. The Rockets brought in their backup goaltender to try to settle things down. Still, the T-birds added two more goals in the second, including a goal with just 0.6 seconds left. Yeah! Kelowna scored once in the third, but Seattle added another to their tally with just 30 seconds left in the game.

I was surprised to see the tally of shots on goal didn’t favor the T-birds as much as I thought — 28-27 — but the quality of their scoring chances was far greater than Kelowna’s.

After the final horn, their captain took a run at our goalie from behind. Frankly I’m surprised that all he seems to have earned from that was a double minor penalty for roughing. I’m not a walking rulebook or anything, so I’m wondering why it’s not a suspension. I guess it wasn’t a fight, just a shove from behind.