When I was visiting Kate I thumbed through her latest issues of Cooks’ Illustrated (I canceled my subscription a couple of years ago) and found a few variations on Shrimp Salad. I love protein-based salads – tuna with red grapes, almonds and fresh thyme is a favorite in our household, as are several chicken salads. I’ve been vaguely looking for salads based around shrimp or salmon, so was happy to find this one.

I made the variation Shrimp Salad with Avocado and Orange, which in addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, called for sliced radishes. For whatever reason, I’ve never really tried radishes before. They were just fine. Shrimp isn’t something I use very often, and I was really slow at peeling & de-veining the little suckers. The whole thing was very good – we have already finished up the leftovers.

This salad had a mayonnaise-based dressing, which is OK but I’m not a huge fan of mayo. There is fresh mint in the salad, but I couldn’t detect it at all and I’m blaming the mayo. I may get experimental and try to convert this to a no-mayo dressing, maybe beginning by mashing/blending some or all the avocado instead of dicing it as a vegetable. I’ll use Cooks’ no-mayo chicken salad recipes as inspiration. First, though, I’ll probably try at least one of the other shrimp salad variations, which are red pepper & basil, wasabi & ginger, and corn with chipotle (probably not that one).