tbirds ARGH! Bud Holloway had a hat trick, but I forgot to bring a hat. They were his 40th, 41st and 42nd goals of the season. Way to go, Bud!

Anyway, good times at the Key last night. The T-birds just outplayed the Winterhawks all night long. The scoring started early, in the first minute of the first period, which ended with the score 3-1. We went up 6-1 before Portland scored again in the 3rd period. Helenius (goalie) got an assist on our 8th goal of the night. Wooo! I hope we similarly dominate Everett tonight in our final game of the season!

In case you’re already bored, more hockey blah blah is below the cut.

I’m trying to track down injury information but the T-birds website isn’t very useful for that. Hickey wasn’t playing – is he hurt or was he just being rested for some reason? He played Friday against Everett and there’s no mention of an injury in the game report. It took about half an hour of poking around in the WHL site to find anything resembling injury information, on a page they call simply “Weekly Update”. In the update from this past week, there is no mention of a Hickey injury. Ok then.

Also there were at least 3 players I’d never seen before, including a defenseman named Haber who scored in the first period. It was his first WHL goal, so I’m assuming he’s a 15-yr old recently brought up. Very cool but his defensive play didn’t seem as sharp. I watched a Portland player hooking Helenius something fierce and Haber didn’t seem to do anything to get that guy out of the crease.

On Friday, the T-birds clinched 4th place and home ice for the first round of the playoffs, by beating Everett. So Everett had dropped to 6th place, just barely behind Kelowna. Last night Everett lost their game and Kelowna won theirs, sealing the Rockets as our first round opponent. Playoffs begin next Friday!