This edition of the Monday update involves a cooking collaboration! I’ve been visiting Kate & her family for a wonderful long weekend. We’ve done all sorts of fun things, including but not limited to playing with her fabulous daughter, visiting the local aquarium, Wii sports, enjoying sunshine, and eating well.

Sunday night we made a beloved standby, Chicken with Lemon-Caper sauce, and a new dish: Potato and Garlic soup. It was a typical Cooks Illustrated extravaganza – using two varieties of potatoes and two methods for incorporating garlic. Delicious!

I made one gaffe with the heads of poached garlic, namely forgetting to, uh, pop the cloves out of their skins after poaching. I just mashed the whole works together, which left some fibrous husks lingering around in the finished product. Oops. But that would be easy enough to avoid in the future.