We recently went to see Teatro Zinzanni‘s current show, “Hearts of Fire”, which was fun and wonderful and the food was delicious as expected (the second course was butternut squash soup, my favorite!). The cast includes a contortionist and a pair of acrobats, who utterly blew us away.

The most mind-boggling thing the contortionist, Vita Radionova, did was a deep backbend while standing on her hands. So from a handstand with her knees bent so her feet were back by her butt, dipping back until her knees hovered off the ground. That is killer strength and flexibility. Is it too late in life for me to enroll in circus school?

The aerial acrobats, Erika and Andrew, performed a beautiful, sensual, and emotional routine using narrow strips of fabric for support. I think my mouth hung open the whole time. It was almost overwhelming. The most astonishing thing I remember was Andrew turning slow somersaults that wound the fabric around his arms, winding his way up from the floor to the ceiling.

Highly recommended!