It turns out I did have the opportunity to make something new while visiting my mom. She had a craving for golubki, a Polish dish, and had promised my great-aunt that she’d bring some with us when we visited them on Sunday. So on Saturday, she dug out my grandmother’s recipe and we gave them a try.

Why is it with Polish cooking that the ingredients are pretty basic and humble, but the preparation is so much work? Anyway, it was fun and delicious. We made a ton of them, because once you’re going to all that trouble, you may as well make a bunch for the freezer, am I right?

The deal is this: combine ground pork shoulder, chopped onion, cooked brown rice, S&P, and eggs (essentially a pork meatball). Core, then steam a head of cabbage and peel off all the leaves individually. We used 5 lbs of ground pork and 2 heads of cabbage. Place 1/2 cup of the meat mixture inside a cabbage leaf, and roll it up like a little burrito. Repeat until you have like 40 of those suckers, and place them in a roasting pan on top of any leftover cabbage leaves and maybe some chopped celery & carrot. Pour a couple of cans of crushed tomatoes & some water over the works, and bake in the oven, I forget already for how long. Periodically re-baste them with the tomato liquid so the leaves don’t dry out on top.

Because I’m crazy, I might even try to make them on my own sometime. How great would it be to be able to pull a couple of those out of the freezer for a quick winter supper or lunch? I might experiment with making the meatball a little more flavorful – ground pork is pretty delicate. So something more than S&P. Fresh dill?