phi When I’m visiting my family, I always try to go to a Flyers game with my brother if there are home games being played. Last night they lost their 7th straight game (also losing 9 in a row at home) and boy did they look sloppy and a half-step behind all night long. I’ll put on my coach hat and say if’ you’re going to “dump and chase” the puck into the opponent’s end, you do have to do the “chase” part too.

Danny Briere has not had a good stretch lately either, and he really heard it from the fans. During one break, a pretty girl modeled some of his merchandise in a promotion on the screens in the arena, and that brought out boos from the crowd. Yikes.

That arena is lovely and the view, even from the upper bowl, is really good. We had seats in one of the corners and enjoyed the game, if not the outcome.