Time for the Monday update on what’s new in my kitchen. This past week I worked with a few new ingredients in these new dishes:

  • Pan Seared Salmon over Lentils. This was my first time cooking with chard, and I thought it was quite good with the green lentils de Puy. However, I liked it better than theCultFigure did. Maybe in the future I’ll dish up the lentils for him before mixing in the chard for me! I ate the leftovers for lunch with a delicious garlic-and-sun-dried-tomato chicken sausage. YUM with salmon, YUM with sausage.
  • Quinoa salad. The salad itself was a only minor departure from another recipe I make frequently (I kept the red pepper and scallions, used edamame and dried cranberries instead of toasted pistachios, and added a little Dijon mustard to the dressing). The notable thing about this dish was that Whole Foods bulk food aisle now carries red quinoa, so I tried that. It tastes different from the regular, but I’m not sure I can yet describe how. It was good anyway.
  • Ricotta Tart with Chocolate and Kumquats. I had this at a friend’s house and she gave me the recipe, which came from an issue of Martha Stewart Living. I rarely make desserts, so a little out of my comfort zone. But how bad can a crust made of ground-up chocolate cookies plus melted butter be? I intended to make it for Valentine’s day as a treat, but forgot. So, I made it on Sunday. Kumquats are pretty interesting; this was my first experience with them too. I wouldn’t classify this dessert as health food, but it was tasty!

I’m leaving tomorrow for a week’s visit to my family Back East, so probably won’t cook much until I’m back.