tbirdsWell, they didn’t have 70+ shots on goal, but the T-birds handily beat the hapless Portland Trailblazers. They really weren’t very good. As my husband noted, at some point they had a 3-on-2 against us and still managed to turn over the puck. Yikes.

Early in the game, defenseman Charles Wells went hard into the boards, feet first, and it looked like he sprained an ankle. He never returned. Is it just me, or is that starting to happen a lot lately?

The game was very well attended and there were a lot of promotions. After the T-birds first goal, fans threw teddy bears on the ice for a charity sponsored by a local radio station. It was impressive – they loaded up four cars with stuffed animals in the trunk, in the seats, and even piled up on the hood. Both teams wore throwback jerseys (Seattle Totems, Portland Buckaroos). And it was also “fling a fish” night – between the first and second periods, fans threw plastic fish at a target on the ice for prizes.

Unfortunately, Everett gained on us between Wednesday and Saturday, and they won tonight, so they’re now 5th and we’re 6th in the conference. We’re one point behind them but they’ve played 5 more games than we have. I guess Seattle’s going to have a slightly heavy schedule in the final 5 weeks of the season…