Wednesday night we were treated to a good game. Due to traffic and a late dinner out at Peso’s, we had already missed the first three goals by the time we got to the arena (score: T-birds 2, Kamloops 1) but thankfully there was still plenty of action to come.

The T-birds looked sharper than on other outings; passes were usually crisp and accurate, and the offense looked organized. However, in the 3rd they struggled at times to control the play; they spent a lot of time in their own end. Still they’ve been on a good win streak (8-2 over the last 10 games) and have risen to 5th place in the conference. Yeah!

Jim O’Brien had a nice goal on an odd-man-rush in the 2nd period. His transition from college to juniors has been maybe a bit rougher than I expected from a high draft-pick; I felt like I’d been waiting to see that goal all season. Good stuff.

Next game we’re going to is Saturday’s versus poor Portland who are dead last with an abysmal 18% winning percentage. The last time Seattle played Portland, they took SEVENTY-TWO shots on goal (surprisingly netting only 4 goals). I kinda hope we’re going to really pound them on Saturday.

p.s. – Seattle PI, if you’re going to do a story on the T-birds who’ve been drafted highly by NHL teams, would it kill you to use a writer who doesn’t think it’s cute to go on and on about how little he knows about hockey?