Recently at work, someone did something rude to me in a public way [well, on e-mail]. Rather than call hir* on it publicly, I chose to approach hir privately. My inclination was also to make a mental excuse for why the person may have done that – oh sie* is probably under pressure because of X.

It’s entirely possible that part of why I’ve burned out at work for now is that I’m reluctant to truly blame others for their crappiness. I make excuses for them, and generally find fault with myself instead. Because at least I can fix myself.

I was venting about it later, and someone who I thought was nicer than me actually encouraged me reply to the e-mail and everyone on it with a temperate but curt reply that pointed out how sie may have been in the wrong hirself. It was satisfying.

* wacky gender neutral pronoun (i.e. not a typo).