A friend invited me to make some tiny felt animals together this weekend. It was a fun kickoff to increased slacking :-)

The patterns come from a book ambitiously titled “The Cute Book” – with good reason. These things are CUTE! I made the bear, she made the sprite.

I know pretty much zip about sewing and rarely do any crafting. This was fun and pretty easy, if a little time consuming. Most of the “work” comes from cutting out the pattern and cutting out the felt. Oh and trying to get the French knots for the pupils and nose to look right. I am so going to do this again.

Fullsize pictures after the jump.

Here is her previously-made rabbit, my bear, and her sprite (she copied the sprite pattern at 200%). SO CUTE!!


Just the bear:


Just the sprite:


I think I can safely add “tiny felt animals” to my to-do list