Several people have expressed interest in what’s next for me after my final day in the corporate belly on Friday. My plans are not very concrete, though I have many ideas of things I want to do. Here are my ideas so far…

  • Let’s be honest – catching up on sleep at first.
  • Reading and more reading.
  • Yoga classes – I’m going to start by checking out several studios near my house.
  • Watching more hockey. And curling.
  • Going ice skating. Hopefully learning how to stop :-) Highland Ice Arena seems to have lots of morning public skate sessions.
  • Kitchen experiments – maybe trying to cook my way through a cookbook, or focusing on something specific like learning to cook Thai food.
  • Plan a trip for me & my husband.
  • Visiting people. I already know I’ll visit my mom & brother for a week in February. Other than that, I’ve got friends in San Jose, Portland, Nashville, and Pittsburgh who I’d like to see.
  • Volunteering at CAIR project.
  • Miscellaneous projects around the house, nothing too major, mostly organization and donating or throwing stuff out that we don’t need/use.
  • Improving my fantasy hockey statistics – our team is doing poorly this year for a variety of reasons, even though I believe we improved our process for valuing and ranking players. But there is definitely room to do better.
  • Snowshoeing with a friend who also has some unstructured time off right now.
  • Getting back into metalwork and jewelry making for fun. I haven’t done that for probably 10 years.
  • and of course – writing here regularly!