tbirdsGreat game, disappointing finish :-(

Spokane is sitting on top of the WHL standings, so it could have been considerably worse.

Spokane scored early in the first period, and the contingents of their fans who’d made the trip for the game made their presence known with several loud cowbells and much cheering. Overall the Chiefs seemed like a fast team with strong defensive skills. But credit to the T-birds, who quickly tied the game on a Thomas Hickey slap shot on the power play. We were very happy to see Hickey back!

I realize the ins and outs of junior hockey may not be enthralling for everyone so…

There were several penalties throughout the game and each team scored 3 goals on the power play. Spokane had gone ahead 4-3 late in the third and we got a little nervous… but with about four minutes left in the game their peskiest player received a double minor for roughing and Seattle tied the goal on the ensuing power play. Woo!

No scoring in overtime, and the first 3 rounds of the shootout were a draw with no one from either side scoring. Unfortunately on the 4th round, Seattle failed and Spokane succeeded. We’d have loved to see the T-birds beat #1 Spokane and gain 2 points, but 1 point in the standings is better than a loss…