I haven’t tried this yet, so this isn’t an endorsement based on my personal experience or anything. I read this in a comment in an article about Amazon’s customer experience:

“I recently demoed to the usability team at my company what I thought was one of the more amazing “delighters” of the Amazon experience. If click their Help link (next to Your Account ) it brings up a “customer service” button . Pressing that button it brings you to a page where you can have Amazon call you. It fills in your number and all you have to do is press the “Call Me” button. Pressing that button rings your phone…I mean it rings it immediately (I literally jumped the first time I did this ) …then, guess what? you get to talk to a live person and ask them questions!!!! I love it …it puts the Amazing in Amazon.”

Sweet! I followed all the steps described above and the UI for this is definitely there. I just haven’t taken the final step to have them call me. I think this must be new, given that Amazon historically makes it really hard for you to find out their actual customer service phone number. So hard, in fact, that Slate has made an annual tradition of publishing that number every December.