On Sunday I made my first Ice Cream Cake, a holiday favorite in my family. Actually I believe it was also the first cake I ever made from scratch*, and I’m proud to say it came out quite well. Of course, I did have my mom & brother on IM for last minute questions during the process.

The recipe came to my mom via one of our Quaker neighbors years ago. It’s a bit of work, but so worth it. You have to bake and cool two 15×10 chocolate cakes, lay slabs of vanilla ice cream on one of the cakes, then lay the second cake on top and keep the whole works in the freezer. Also, homemade chocolate fudge sauce for a topping.

The one blunder I made was in cutting the ice cream the wrong direction, so it didn’t cover the cake and the ice cream layer was proportionally too thick. Oh well, still delicious.

*My baking repertoire is typically limited to healthy muffins (whole wheat, with oats or bran as a significant ingredient), the occasional cornbread, and the even less frequent brownies-from-a-box.