Happy 2008! Last night we rang in the new year by busting some trusts. There were plenty of other games on hand, but one of the other guests spied “Anti-Monopoly I” high up on our hosts’s shelf. The goal was to bring indictments against monopolistic companies, represented on the board like normal Monopoly properties. The companies were organized in groups of 3, into monopolistic industries (e.g. Fort Auto, Crystal Auto, and General Auto, or USA Aluminum, Oslo Aluminum, G.B. Aluminum).

I don’t think anyone was remotely familiar with it besides our host, and she hadn’t looked at it in years. She’d bought it used in the late 80’s. It was quite complicated, but once we got the hang of it it went fairly well. Was it fun? Kind of. The main fun was in correcting each other for saying “banker” instead of “budget director” and for saying “buy” instead of “indict” :-)