Last night was Harvey Danger’s excellent “2nd annual last show ever”. We got there in time for the second opening band, BOAT, who were fun but not outstanding.

Neumo’s was close to packed with dedicated fans. Under-21’ers were crammed on the balcony. When Sean Nelson announced they’d be playing their entire first album straight through, the excitement level went up appreciably. The crowd carried entire sections of “Flagpole Sitta”. After wrapping up the first album, they did their seasonal “Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas”, a few more recent songs, and closed the set with a sweet cover of “Hazy Shade of Winter”.

John Roderick joined them for the first song of the encore, also a cover but one we didn’t recognize. A few more songs, then they closed for the night with a spoken-word Velvet Underground cover (according to my husband anyway).

Oh, and they announced they’ll be playing 2 nights at the Triple Door in early March, where they plan to play straight through all THREE of their albums.

[full setlist]