I totally fail at reading and writing of the blogs lately. Good thing I can still do basic ‘rithmetic. Sigh.


R.I.P. Dr. Tiller, murdered by domestic terrorists.

Tiller was one of only a handful of physicians in America who perform late-term abortions. He survived an assassination attempt in 1993 and returned to his practice.

Majikthise : Abortion crusader Dr. George Tiller murdered in church

Ha ha ha, life is a bit crazed right now. Blogging is getting squeezed out, only temporarily I hope. I do plan to write up Sasquatch so I don’t forget how amazing it was. All anyone really needs to know is it was a big bowl of f*cking fantastic, covered in awesomesauce.

I recently encountered a hilarious scam email. It’s an update to an older scam I remember from years ago; supposedly some kind of notification that you won a prize drawing in the U.K., sponsored by “the prestigious Microsoft and AOL”. The sender’s return address? Is a gmail account. They aren’t even trying, are they?

Lengthy scam mail behind the cut. Strap in for a real LOL-ercoaster ride.


Remember that time when you put your prom photos up on MySpace and got "discovered" and became a modeling sensation? Yeah me neither. Guess our name’s not Sean O’Pry.

text_blog_by___yourbestbet__ Courtesy of thatmathchick, a round-up of academic papers regarding the existence of vampires. Physicists, mathematicians, and economists all have had their say on the topic.


Papers mentioned include:

  • "Cinema Fiction vs. Physics Reality"
  • "Mathematics of the Human Vampire Conflict"
  • "The Transylvanian Problem of Renewable Resources"
  • "Cycles of Fear: Periodic Bloodsucking Rates for Vampires"
  • "Macroeconomic Policy and the Optimal Destruction of Vampires"

I recently made dinner with a friend, who bought black cod fillets from Uwajimaya. They had been marinated in some kind of delicious mirin-and-something. We broiled them side-by-side with a tray of Yakima asparagus (yay for asparagus season!) and served them with roasted potatoes and salad. YUM. Black cod might be my new crack.

And in lollipop adventures, I added citric acid to a recent batch. I didn’t add any other flavoring, so I could better judge how much sourness the citric acid added. At approximately 1/8 tsp to 1 cup of sugar, it definitely cut the sweetness down, without being overly sour. Next I’m going to try adding it to citrus batches, like Lemon or Grapefruit, to see if it improves those.